Ensto Brand Center Terms and Conditions

Ensto Oy maintains Ensto Brand Center for use of personnel, partners, and customers of Ensto companies. From this service, the users can load and obtain marketing and communications material in electronic form. Ensto Brand Center can be used by users authorized by Ensto, who approve these conditions.

Use of Ensto trademark, pictures, and material obtainable from Ensto Brand Center is limited to the normal conduct of partners’ business and activities connected therewith, provided that the use will not defame Ensto trademark and is not in conflict with good business practices. The right of use is free of charge and valid if not otherwise mentioned.

The user is not allowed to convey the material loaded or printed from the Ensto Brand Center, except in normal connection with Ensto business for purposes such as marketing and communications and the like or as attached to such material.

Ensto trademark and material obtainable in electronic form from Ensto Brand Center, as well as the copyrights related to them, are property of Ensto Oy, and copying or printing does not entail the conveying or transfer of these rights to the user, even in part.

Ensto Oy guarantees that these materials, which can be printed or loaded from the site, do not infringe immaterial rights of third parties.

Ensto Oy reserves the right to close Ensto Brand Center without prior notice and reserves the right to limit or prevent use of Ensto Brand Center by certain identified users without prior notice.

Ensto Oy has done its best to ensure that the information is correct and up to date, but cannot guarantee that Ensto Brand Center could not include unintentional mistakes or out-of-date information.

Ensto Oy is not liable for damages that could arise in relation to mistakes or incorrect information or files of Ensto Brand Center, in connection with malfunction of the service, or with use of information obtainable from the service without separate confirmation from Ensto Oy that the information used is correct and up to date.